Summer 2017

It’s been a happening summer 2017 at Life Alive. We are a small business which means we are a lean team with limited resources. This demands us to focus our list of to dos to what really matters to guests, and team members. The underlying philosophy that guides our focus is to do that which increases team member & guest happiness while reducing pain points and friction for both team members & guests.

Guided by this philosophy, we move seamlessly from important to urgent to super urgent all in the same day. It’s what keeps us on our toes and makes us nimble. We can ill afford to have things drag along because we know that next thing is right around the corner.

Our strategic focus this Summer 2017 has been on menu innovation, and on digital enhancements to improve experience for both our team members and guest.

Leah Dubois, our culinary and artistic visionary, leads all menu enhancements and innovations. Leah works directly with farms and other vendors to source organic vegetables, fruits, superfoods, and grains to keep our menu offerings fresh and seasonal. Leah’s inspired by mother nature which makes her innovations colorful and vibrant in textures and flavor.  Our delightful team is always jazzed and psyched when Leah introduces a new culinary treat. It helps our team expand their repertoire on what is possible with fresh wholesome fruits, vegetables, superfoods, and whole grains. They’ve learnt about conscious cuisine when done the Life Alive way doesn’t need to be restrictive at all. There is really no need to trade off between luscious, nourishing, and therapeutic.


Our foray into the digital world has been monumental. Last year we upgraded our point of sale technology with more sophisticated capabilities and more capacity. What was missing is the ability for guests to go on their smart devices and  place orders from home, office, gym, or while walking over to Life Alive. We now have this capability in Cambridge. Guests can order online at or download the Life Alive iOS or Android app. We hope this reduces the pain points for guests calling in their order and having to give us their credit card over the phone. The features on the app are simple and streamlined. Our goal is to not have over the top app features but focus on those essential features a person desiring a luscious meal would like when placing their meal order.

Thank you for supporting us in our journey to continually improve our service model as we get ready to open the next Life Alive #4 on Comm Ave in Brookline. Look forward to serving you at our Lowell, Salem, and Cambridge stores. Namaste.