Cacao Ceremony and Celebrating Love with Handcrafted Truffles

A bright cold afternoon on February 13th, 2017 the day before V-Day was perfect for 15 of our cherished guests to gather in the purple chakra at Life Alive Cambridge. The setting was magical for a traditional cacao ceremony! Led by Life Alivers, Rachel and Cai, guests enjoyed learning about the spiritual and medicinal qualities of cacao. The icing was making raw vegan truffles to take as treats for themselves, or special someone in their lives!

In history, cacao can be found as a form of currency, as a key component in ritual settings, and as medicine in many cultures, originating and heavily sought after in the Mayan culture. The super food is one to be celebrated for its medicinal properties. Many use cacao as a form of medication for the heart, as it opens blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.

Steve, one of our favorite regular guests and an advocate of Life Alive vision, shared that he uses cacao medicinally to lessen and eventually stop his heart tremors.

Along with being heart healthy, cacao is made up of more than 12000 individual chemicals. It contains more antioxidants than tea and wine, and is a strong source of manganese and vitamin C. Raw cacao does not contain caffeine, as many would suspect. It contains the powerful stimulant theobromine, which has similar qualities to caffeine, but is more stable, non addictive, and gives the user less of a jittery feeling.

When ingested, cacao brings about a euphoric bliss, relieving stress and providing a stable source of energy. It can also heighten sexual emotions, which is why chocolate is heavily romanticized.

The group first tasted pure Guatemalan cacao which was passed around to try. The taste was bitter, yet calming and comforting to the mind and body.

For the ceremony, guests were warmed with a nourishing cacao drink made with cayenne, vanilla, and tiger nut mylk to create a beautifully spicy and exotic tasting beverage. Guests were then led in a light guided meditation, as Rachel went around to each guest with a singing bowl and Cai peacefully guided the minds as everyone relaxed and became familiar with cacao. The aroma of sage and incense gave a sense of peace in the chakra. After the meditation, guests felt blissfully calm and energized.

Following the meditation, the group was taught how to create delicious raw vegan truffles. Guests excitedly chose toppings for their truffles, creating their own masterpieces. Toppings ranged from the exotic to the calm and familiar – spirulina, matcha powder, hemp seeds, goji berry powder, dried mango, dried strawberries, shaved dry coconut – a lineup of memorable organic toppings to roll and dip the delicious truffles.

Guests left the event with new knowledge of this amazing super food and how cacao can help everyone in many different aspects of their lives

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