Winter Moon Roots Symposium

Life Alive Cambridge guests and staff gathered on the brisk fall afternoon of December 8th to be introduced to Winter Moon Roots Farm and their powerfully delicious vegetable offerings, hosted by Michael Docter and Wenzdey Jane.    Winter Moon Roots is a farm located in Hadley, Massachusetts. Docter’s mission when starting out was to create a farm which had a very small carbon footprint, and to provide delicious vegetables to individuals and businesses. This eco-friendly idea is carried through each process of cultivation and delivery of the roots to its loving customers.

Docter explained to the guests at the symposium that he began his work making vegetarian chili for a food bank. The concept was celebrated, but the taste was not as pleasing. He decided to create his own organically grown farm to better produce and distribute quality ingredients through the colder months of the year.

Docter and his small team work through the winter, harvesting and accumulating gorgeous vegetables from November to March. They offer carrots, turnips, beets, radishes, and parsnips. Fresh cut roots were given to the event’s guests and washed don with Chaga mushroom tea. The carrots were deliciously citrusy, and were a favorite among those who tasted the vegetables. The golden turnips and hakurei beets were juicy and delectable, eaten like an apple. 

The farm takes the cooler air from outside and processes it through a computer that sets the humidity and operates a fan that delivers the air to the roots to keep them alive and oxidized.

Wenzdey Jane maintains the delivery aspect of the farm, transporting the goods via bicycle to its clients. They noted that they deliver 25000 pounds of vegetables around the Massachusetts area per year by bicycle.

This concepts eliminates the carbon footprint, and as Jane explains, is more realistic and effective than if they were to deliver by motor vehicle. They use differently sized bicycles to lovingly transport the vegetables, depending on the size of the order.

    Life Alive is excited to be working with Winter Moon Roots to allow guests to add these vegetables to their graciously crafted meals as colorful additions. The culinary team will be pickling the beets and marinating the radishes and turnips to offer a new fabulous flavor palette to customers’ favorite dishes. We hope that the tastes inspire guests and team members alike to expand their taste buds and knowledge of these powerful vegetables Winter Moon Roots.

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