Spooky Story Time in Salem

Life Alive Salem kicked off a spooky start to Halloween 2016 with Spooky Stories for Kids and the Young at Heart. Our General Manager P Adam Lee was the chief spooky story teller ably assisted by his team of goblins.


Our ghoulish posse gathered around a campfire in our library and read some great stories together. There were Creepy Carrots!, Bone Soup and so much more. Our young participants and our young at heart regulars joined in with the reading and got rather enthusiastic about being pirates during one tale.

There were plenty of treats! We adorned our high vibrational organic, vegan Hot Cocoa with some delightful vegan marshmallows.  And, our young friends got a taste for how sweet the season is with organic lollipops.

The entire Life Alive Salem team was excited to have the opportunity to share this time with our community, and to give back some of the joy that our guests, bring into our daily lives.spooky-stories-for-our-young-audience

We are eerily excited to be holding more events coming up this month. Hope you can join us!

  • Goddess Card Readings on Tuesday, October 18th from 5pm-7pm
  • Pumpkin Painting and Beer Tasting on Thursday October 20th 3pm-5pm.
  • Spooky Stories for Kids and The Young at Heart on Tuesday October 25th from 4pm-5pm
  • Pumpkin Painting and Beer Tasting on Thursday, October 27th from 3pm-5pm.

Happy Halloween everybody!

Luke Denmark’s Pictorial Blog

natureatitsbest“Dream what you wish into reality”

#lifealive #Vermont #livinglifealive #summeradventure #nature

Purple Smoothie
“Nourish your soul, enjoy our soothing music and art, let the blueberries, strawberries, bananas, dates, chia seeds and almond milk hypnotize you into a serene relaxation.”

#lovealive #lifealive #lifealivelowell #nourishyoursoul #smoothie

purewaterMountain Stream
“Find your serenity, dedicate time for yourself to unwind and recharge. Find your peace, be aware of what you exude.”

#serenity #lifealive #nature

A note from Luke Denmark, Sage and Shift Guide at Life Alive Lowell – Art has been in the forefront of my interests for as long as I can remember. Coming from a musical family, I was inspired by my father and grandfather, I always wanted to play music like them. Naturally, my love for music lead to interests in visual arts and poetry. I tend to use an ideal concept of pure love or peacefulness as a reference point and the piece is kind of constructed on how close it stays or how far it strays away. Any works used in Life Alive will typically stay pretty close. The art is always a muddled reflection of an encounter or observation in my life. Like observing trees across the lake, and observing the wavy reflection of them on the lake. I am inspired by the harmonious relationships found in nature and by our efforts to preserve, restore, and ultimately join them.