Food is Art is Love is Life is Food


Our Life Alive family has one goal in mind when serving our guests: to serve life, as hectic as it may become, in such a way that brings nourishment, education, and overall joy to everyone involved. We craft your experience around your life’s needs, whether that be nourishing you after a long day at work, providing a warm meal on your lunch break to you and your staff, or giving you a healthy snack before you dash to the next train. We make Life Alive easily accessible to fit your everyday needs, so that you are nourished as often as you wish, with virtually no stress to you.


In order to properly serve all aspects of life, we must take this service outside of the restaurant. We want to prepare food for  your next luncheon, or offer a refreshing meal during your next meeting. We want to celebrate your graduation or wedding day with you. Life Alive wants to bring you the quality experience you would get sitting in our restaurants directly to you, through a variety of catering options. All of these offerings are expressed on our website, and any requests or questions can be sent to to start your personalized Life Alive experience.

Whenever we complete a catering order, we do not simply pack up the meals and throw them on a table for you. That is not how we operate as a company, or as human beings. Instead, we mindfully bring Life Alive to you as creatively and as detail oriented as possible.


Our goal is to have the atmosphere, presence, and overall restaurant experience arranged in your space, so that newcomers and guests who have been dining with us for years feel the same joyful satisfaction.

To create our calming atmosphere, we lovingly transport our food, and creatively display candles and plants to decorate and personalize your setup. We arrange the platters and decor in a visually appealing manner, with handmade, beautiful signs with the names of each meal. Menus are provided so that all new guests can be informed of the quality ingredients they are consuming. A stimulating palate cleanser or dessert is provided with any catering offer to complete your dining experience.

If you decide to share in this experience with us, we want you to feel well informed about the meals you will be provided. The Life Alive team strives to not only nourish hunger, but educate all guests on the value of our food. We understand not everyone is accustomed to the delicious food we serve, so it is important to us that we answer your questions in regards to taste, allergies, and health benefits.

Your meals will be personalized and meet the needs of everyone attending. We will communicate with you on how much food you will need, as well as providing a variety of exciting tastes for everyone to indulge in. There are no strict guidelines when it comes to your satisfaction. This is your event, not ours.

Reach out to with any of your requests or questions. We are happy to serve you nourishingly and lovingly. We hope to help you embark on this journey with us here at Life Alive!


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