Jasmine’s Life Alive journey

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Jasmine nourishing a guest with soulful service

Before I started my journey working for Life Alive, I lacked knowledge of what it meant to properly nourish my body, or what that nourishment could do for me mentally or physically. I had visited the cafe in Salem sparingly, using my time there to read poetry, write, or draw. These visits were always therapeutic for me, and left me feeling relaxed and energized. The cafe’s warm colors and personalities, along with the delicious food, seemed to relax my mind. At the time, this was hard for me to do as I lived a pretty stressful life, working in a job which required a lot of my energy and time, while not really giving me any positive feedback or recognition.
Leaving that work environment to join the colorful team of Life Alive has proven to be a very beneficial choice. Prior to my first day, I did not have any real restaurant background as I came previously from a retail position, and feared I would not be able to perform well enough. My task my first day was to run the meals to the guests and interact with them and the staff to get a feeling of the atmosphere of the business. I quickly realized that the entire staff was understanding and kind when training me, and the guests seemed to mirror these feelings. I never felt I was not being supported, even when I would make mistakes. Guests who dine at Life Alive connect with the staff, and take with them the sense of being relaxed and calm as I did when I was a guest. It was a great experience to hear their stories and why they love Life Alive.

From that point on, I have learned each component of how the food is prepared, and am taking in as much information as I can on the benefits of certain foods for our bodies. While I have obviously not mastered everything there is to know of the food industry, I find myself learning and trying new ideas every day. I also have taken it upon myself to bring attention to how I eat outside of work, using my new knowledge to apply at home. I believe one of Life Alive’s many goals is to have guests leave with a better understanding of what they are eating, and to help bring a consciousness to maintaining a healthier lifestyle. With this new perspective, I feel more energy during the day, when I used to feel sluggish. I have lost some weight. I feel more creative. I feel stronger. There has never been a job or a task in my life that has left me feeling stronger, which is something I am thankful for.

I also have had the opportunity of working with some amazing people, as the teach me not only the fundamentals of running a beautiful cafe, but also what it means to be calm, kind and passionate about what we are doing. Each individual working at Life Alive has a story so unique, which allows everyone to bring a new set of ideas and experiences to the table. I believe the reason Life Alive is so successful and enjoyable for the guests is simply because the staff is passionate about what they are creating. For me, I have not really even felt that I have had a job. The stress of the stereotypical idea of a job, seemingly does not exist.

I have now been with the company for about two months. I am still making mistakes I am still asking questions every day. I am still growing. I can only hope that my career and opportunities with Life Alive grow, and that I can give back to the cafe by helping it grow a little as well.


Jasmine is a Life Alive team member. Jasmine is spirited, adaptive, and joyful. Thankful to Jasmine and all team members at Life Alive for your commitment to our shared purpose of serving luscious meals to a busy world to help enhance vitality and creativity!

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