An Awakened Life at Life Alive

unspecified-1 What does it mean to live an awakened life? One which is purpose driven. Where self accountability, personal responsibility and discipline drive self expression, creativity, and experimentation. Where we know that we are not solitary creatures but a part of a larger collective. Where we share a fate both during good times and not. And where we create wealth through a joyful voluntary exchange with our guests, knowing that financial success is necessary for job growth, and for our mission to be actualized.

Next month, May 2016 is the start of our month 6 at Life Alive. I cannot tell you how incredibly fortunate we feel every single day working side by side with each one of you, and living an awakened life, here at Life Alive.

Life Alive is a social enterprise with a reason for being that lives and breathes in each one of us.

Each of us can make it possible to eat healthy, even as we live in a very busy world.

We each have the ability to positively awaken and feed people’s senses, thoughts, and spirits.

We each can and must help people  we come in contact with discover their own natural vitality, and take responsibility for their own well being.

We each are empowered to contribute to and promote holistic sustainability.

We are individually and collectively responsible to inspire connection, and to spread love, and vibrancy.

Our commitment to all Life Alive team members and guests, is that we will continue to foster an environment where we will uphold the mission of Life Alive always, and measure our success by:

♥♥Your happiness and excellence.

♥♥Your vibrancy that is measured by how enthusiastically you embrace us, and come back to Life Alive with your family, friends, and colleagues.

♥♥Improvements we help make in the community by supporting the communities we do business in.

♥♥Reducing environmental degradation.

♥♥Raising the awareness of the community to our mission of sustainable creativity, and vitality.

Life Alive is a calling. It’s a journey. The journey is more pleasurable because of each of you, our fellow travelers. Thank you for traveling with us.

Namaste, (I honor the divine spirit in you and me that connects us all)

Hema (617.894.5797) and Leah



2 thoughts on “An Awakened Life at Life Alive

  1. Shannon says:

    Very Disappointed the past couple on months. We use to order at least 2-3 times a week. we have not ordered in over a month. We decided to try again. That was a bad idea the orders are always wrong. its sad when you play 13.00 for a wrap and pay extra for rice or quinoa and don’t receive it. My wrap is embarrassing small. I also cant tell you how many time I tell them no egg I am vegan and I receive egg. I am not sure what is going on but the place use to be amazing. Hopefully you can fix the problem over there. its not only me all the life alive fans that I know feel the same way.


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